Sales & Marketing Management

"Successful, profitable hospitality properties tend to have a great Marketing and Sales Department headed up by an effective Manager. The hospitality industry is highly competitive and good marketing is vital to the continued profitability of a hotel. The Marketing and Sales Department controls the marketing, advertising, promoting and sales of the hotel’s products in order to make financial success a reality."

You may have the most beautiful and well-run property, but it won't matter if you don't have guests filling your rooms. Rest assured, MareSol Hospitality doesn't take a one-size-fits-all approach, but instead help you construct the custom marketing strategy that will be most effective for your hotel sales management.

MareSol Hospitality Sales & Marketing Management includes:

✔︎ Review and approval of specific marketing strategies, programs, and printed materials

✔︎ Arrangement of group advertising and marketing

✔︎ Trade show presence

✔︎ Continued sales and marketing training

✔︎ Tools and systems for effective tracking and implementation of programs

✔︎ Corporate review of monthly sales reports

✔︎ Sales leads to the hotels through our Intersell program

✔︎ Participation and membership in key sales related organizations

✔︎ Extensive corporate database for direct mail marketing

✔︎ Press release creation and dissemination, as needed