Accounting & Finance

"Hotel accounting is not simply about managing revenue and expenses. Independent hotels and hotel franchises have unique financial needs that demand competent staff and an accounting system that will allow management to plan for the future and improve services for both guests and staff alike"


We provide financial support to our hotels through a variety of accounting and finance functions and controls. Our Central Accounting System, brings experience, accounting knowledge and a focused dedication to meet the needs of stakeholders.

✔︎ Financial statement preparation

✔︎ Tax compliance

✔︎ Invoice and payroll processing

✔︎ Budget and forecasting facilitation

✔︎ Policies, procedures and training of hotel accounting staff

✔︎ Daily reports

✔︎ Cash management

✔︎ Operating Budgets

✔︎ Forecasting (weekly, Monthly, Quarterly)

✔︎ Flow-Through Analysis

✔︎ Brand Audits