Facilities & Procurement Management

"Maintenance and renovation of facilities of a hotel, but also the care and continuous renewal of its equipment are the key to development and economic prosperity of the business"


Our Property Facilities Management department oversees all areas of property management, engineering issues, property improvement, product improvement and health and safety issues, through:

✔︎ Engineering technical support

✔︎ Systems and procedures to ensure health and safety of guests

✔︎ Proper conditions for machinery and property

✔︎ Coordinate and prioritize maintenance activities

✔︎ Prepare Repairs and Maintenance budgets

✔︎ Develop 5 year Capital Expenditure Plan

✔︎ Identify and introduce environmentally-friendly systems and equipment

✔︎ Comprehensive Annual Facility / Asset Audit

✔︎ Detailed Preventive Maintenance Program of entire property including heavy equipment


The role of Procurement in a hotel operation is not immediately apparent. However, procurement costs are a core part of the profitability performance of a hotel business. The sustained availability of products and services used in generation of revenue streams as well as for internal consumption keeps the business running like a well-oiled machine. Moreover, such availability at the best quality for the least cost is what businesses strive for.

Our Online Central Procurement System is destined to play an increasingly significant role in the way hospitality business is conducted in the future. e-procurement has become the key to valuable data for better, more intelligent hospitality management. This system provides a mechanism to quickly and effectively link hospitality operations and suppliers and also provides data analysis functionality that allows operators to monitor costs, consumption rates, inventory tracking, pricing and menu planning to increase profitability