Training & Quality Systems

"Management is the key to a successful business. Every business, either big or small requires a good management, strategic and organized unit of people who can provide the insight and plan the future of a successful business"


Total Quality Hospitality Management System

The constant development in the hospitality industry have made hoteliers to think and agree with the importance of development of a hotel management system in their business. In the last few years the hospitality industry has seen a sharp rise in the influx of consumers. This sharp rise and fierce competition in hospitality industry enforce the hotel administration to create better facilities, improve services and quality environment to attract and satisfy their customers through a Total Quality Hospitality Management System.

A good management system is a backbone of any successful business. This is no hidden secret, for a fact even the small hotel requires and needs to control their spending and expenditure while expecting better revenue and profit from the business. Managing a hotel business requires skills and expertise, hence it demands professional hands to look after the activities and streamline it for best results.



The systematic and specialized training of the staff of the hotel, is the key to the success of the Total Quality Hospitality Management System and is a key objective for the management of each hotel. Hotel Human Resource Services

The administration of human resources is a critical function in hotel management. This area is very dynamic and needs to have a team of dedicated professionals to keep pace with current law changes. Solmare Group has a very experienced team . We are able to offer our associates the benefit of a large human resources department.